Journey - Turn your long-term goals into reality | Product Hunt
Journey - Turn your long-term goals into reality | Product Hunt

Turn your plans into reality.

Stop being mindlessly busy and start being mindfully productive now.

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Cut through the mindless noise.

When was the last time you reflected on what matters in your life... and then managed to maintain your focus for an entire day? How about a week?  With Journey, we want to encourage you to make mindful productivity your new lifestyle.

Understand what really matters to you.

Take a holistic look at your life and form intentions about the priorities in your life.

Break down your vision into an actionable plan.

Use proven coaching methods to break down your goals, establish healthy habits, get rid of bad ones. Turn your lofty ambitions into practical action items that you can tackle today. Prioritise what moves the needle in the long term.

Do less and focus on the right things.

Use our weekly & daily rituals to focus on the important over the urgent and then move the needle on these topics to turn them into reality.

For just 5€/month you can align your daily life with your purpose.

We are applying scientific methods from behavioral science, to psychology  & coaching to guide you along your journey.

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Get help from a coach AND work on your  life together.

You’re 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up.*  Team up with friends, colleauges or your partner and/or choose one of our progressional coaches

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Grow above & beyond yourself.

Uncover insights and supercharge your personal growth with regular reflection sessions that are light and easy to complete.

Be more positive about life.

Develop a more positive mindset and boost your motivation through positive psychology exercises.

Our users report a significant increase of fulfilment and personal growth.

This is the method 1,000+ people are using right now, and here's what they had to say about it.

The start with JRNY was very easy, intuitive and quite enjoyable. From the first reflection curated by the app, I immediately realised how to improve my goal settings for better results. The onboarding helped me further to be more focused on what really matters. The app taught me to celebrate small wins - I always knew it but never did it consciously before. I highly recommend using JRNY!
I call myself a productivity nerd. However, my system always lacked that one companion that would help me connect the daily details with the big things that matter in my life. Journey is exactly that companion.
With Journey I have finally found an app that allows me to focus on what is particularly important to me. Many tools that I have tested so far, have not helped me sustainably to work on my goals. With Journey there is finally a simple and straightforward APP! Love it!

Change your way of life - and be mindfully productive

Get early access and use 1 month for free