Review Your Year & Create A Future You’ll Love

Follow our step-by-step guide to gain insights from 2022 and set intentional goals for 2023

Making sense of the past, getting excited about the future.

2022 was a year unlike any other. Doesn't January feel like an eternity ago?  Time to look back, see how the dots connect and chart a path into 2023.

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Reflect on last year's insights and how you want to grow.

Understand the themes and values that shape your life.

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Take a moment to celebrate this transition into the new year.

Feel the glow of gratitude as you reminisce about moments of love and service.

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the big picture

Envision a full picture of your next year.

Make your intentions stick with an entire chapter dedicated to implementation!

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“I have tried out many reflection guides in the past. This one is by far the best. Inspiring & pragmatic.”
“Mind blowing. It's the first time I did such a reflection and will continue todo so now every year.”
“Best reflection guide I’ve ever done. It helped me set the stage for my new year.”
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